'Hands to Work and Hearts to God' is the most famous of the Shaker sayings and belies the true Shaker style of simple homes which are furnished and decorated with all things home-made. This style takes us back to the simpler life styles, ones which weren't designed for fast paced living and hectic lifestyles, which maybe why many of us have a yearning to return to this modest, quieter lifestyle. Of course the true Shaker and Amish traditions means that there wouldn't be any phones, modern gadgets in our kitchens and no electricity! Whilst many of us do lean towards this life style few would accept living in a completely Shaker way. However, that isn't to say we can't take inspiration from this interior design style and adopt or adapt aspects of them into homes. Plain walls painted white, stripped floorboards and minimalism are the key – hang on a moment - we've touched on all of these aspects in our archive of recent posts which weren't using the Shaker theme, as you can see interior design ideas are those which take the aspects we adore and make them an integral part of our design schemes. Back to how you can achieve this look in your home – plain white walls as the basis, use wall sconces rather than table lamps. Look for those in iron and with the simplest of forms. Candles will also play a large part in creating the right ambience and style. We don't expect you to make your own wooden furniture, just keep these as plain as possible with no fancy turned legs or anything ornate. Textiles will be the main stay if you're to pull off the look convincingly; opt for those which have a natural and rustic charm, there are numerous styles to choose from if you shop for curtain fabrics online. Hessian and natural cotton are ideal, keep to either plain muted tones, simple checks or stripes. You can then replicate these in cushions and throws which have a hand or home-made look. Use cheap rugs to cover wooden flooring in all rooms, again keep them plain and pick a colour from your curtains to tie the room together. Accessories should also be kept simple, have a go at making cranberry heart decorations and tie with gingham ribbon to give a chic look to plain bedroom walls. The best thing about this interior design style is that you can live in any style of home and pull it off effectively if you just keep to a neutral base, include only basic necessities and above all have clutter free rooms!

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