One of this year's hottest interior design trends is Puritan Folk. This trend is achieved by using contrasts in an eclectic mix of rough textures used in conjunction with those that are as smooth as silk; craftsmanship and traditional ethic art work of ethic prints on textiles, soft furnishings and accessories. To get this look you'll need to think along the lines of crafted furniture, lighting which is inspired by mid-twentieth century modern and soft furnishings with patterns from Russia, Morocco and the South Americas. Look for Aztec prints on fabrics for curtains, cushions and throws in bright colours calmed down by using cool neutrals for flooring, sofas and chairs. In the bedroom patchwork bedspreads and quilting, bead work and wall hangings provide inexpensive up-dates for your home. Your rooms shouldn't be sparse and devoid of exciting colours and patterns as that would be more suitable for Shaker styles which we'll be visiting later on in this mini series. Instead inject geometric patterns in bold colours and adopt the folksy hand-made look. Don't think that this style is purely for older styled cottages, if you get the theme right it looks stunning in both modern and contemporary interiors as well. The Puritan Folk look is ideal for bedrooms as well as lounges. As patchwork plays a large part in this style bedspreads and cushions are ideal starting points. Use metal or wooden modern four poster bed frames and tie neutral coloured curtains to provide a backdrop to your headboard. Using the same plain coloured fabric for curtains to bring a sense of balance and cohesion to the room, black metal curtain poles with a narrow diameter will also coordinate well with your bed-frame. Ethic wall hangings, or your own home-made twig wreaths are ideal accessories for walls; keep an open mind but try not to cram too much into one room. This style is Puritan which means that you should, if taken literally, only have furnishings and furniture which was absolutely necessary; home were simple and the majority of both were home-made. However, to bring the look up to date and to meet the requirements of modern living styles, the mixture of soft and hard, combined with other ethic accessories to bring colour into the equation you shouldn't be taking the word 'Puritan' as that found in a dictionary! Today we want mod-cons and yet we still have a yearning to hold onto the past. Embrace these aspects by making your own Roman blinds from fabric with geometric prints, use them as the sole window dressing or combine the rough and smooth - the key features of this look, by using completely contrasting fabrics, natural cottons for your blinds and soft silk for your curtains.