How to get a retro look in your bedroom

You can get a retro look without jettisoning all of your modern furnishings; in fact, a blend of older and modern pieces works very well, provided that your modern bedroom furniture isn't completely out of sync with the look that you're going for. Because of this, retro styles are a very good choice for redecorating on a budget – that and the fact that many of the pieces that you might want for this look can be found inexpensively.


If you want a more restrained retro look for the bedroom, white or off-white (anywhere from taupe to eggshell) are the way to go, but if you'd prefer something a little more colourful, then you may want to opt for pale shades of blue or green. The idea is to add a little colour without making it too distracting or busy. You can always add a little extra colour here and there through your bedding or accent pieces.


This is one place where you can be a little freer with colours and patterns. Polka dots and other patterns are good choices for bedding – and all it really takes is some new duvet sets and some pillow cases to make this change. Geometric patterns are also good options, as are solid colours for large rugs. For a retro look you can go with colours that were popular in the era you're recreating, such as burnt orange, avocado green and the like.

Keep in mind that colours don't always have to match, especially if you're thinking of a 70s inspired design. Just remember to balance out busy patterns and vivid colours with other design elements which are a bit more sedate in order to keep things from becoming visually overwhelming.


Natural wood tones are where it's at for retro furnishings, whether it's a bedside table, bed frame or any other piece of bedroom furniture. If you're replacing pieces that you already have in your bedroom, then you may want to do your shopping at second hand stores or vintage shops in order to find furniture and accent pieces which match the retro look you're going for.

You might have to wait a bit to find just the right piece, but the prices are generally lower than for new furniture and the end result will be well worth the wait.

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