The Swedish styled interior is a favourite for those that face the long winter seasons with little sunlight to help chase away the gloom. Uncluttered and bright, the colours begin with white, off-white or light greys that keep your home cool and fresh. Sleek, straight lines with a modern flair keeps it airy and light all year round. A Swedish styled interior is filled with natural wood finished, neutral upholstery, chrome and glass, and simple furnishings that have straight or slightly sweeping curves. Subtle pieces of bright blue, red and green glass can accent shelves and open spaces and should be used to stand alone as stark contrast against the neutral background. Traditional touches such as brightly coloured table runners featuring Swedish dancers or fishing boats will add just enough colour to make the space comfortable. Painted surfaces and light-coloured woods with no frills gives a feel of openness and beauty to create an uplifting, ultra-modern space. Pine wood floors are a great choice for keeping with the natural pace. Line with fluffy, warm area rugs to bring an inviting look and feel on cold winter days. These can be interchanged with woven cotton rugs during the warmer months that will keep the cosiness alive. Light-coloured fabrics are perfect for keeping with the crisp freshness of whites and keeping a mood cheery. Favourite Swedish textiles include checks, stripes and patterns that are closely associated with nature; leaves, roses or other flowers. Live plants and botanical prints, tundra landscapes or Swedish folk art in bright blues and reds can offset the starkness. Bedrooms should be inviting with a comforter of bright roses or other natural radiant colour and items of Swedish origin like pottery or glass and crystal. Windows should be simply dressed with white sheer pencil pleat curtains and ready made blinds. You will keep the modern scene flowing but look forward to pleasing warmth at bedtime. While light colours and woods are popular in bringing about a simple stylish Swedish appearance, the influence of Gustavian can be used instead to better define a room. Black Ladder backed or curved back tables and chairs, grandfather clocks, and carved dressers can be used to add a little nostalgic air. It is also acceptable to use darker woods such as mahogany if you feel that there is too much white but be careful not to wander away from the style altogether. Modern, natural, bright and pleasing is the look that you are achieving with a Swedish styled interior and will be a welcome change as the snow starts to fly. Keep the window treatments as bare as possible, lining with light coloured cheap Roman blinds or pull down blinds if privacy is needed. Whenever possible, display a fresh bouquet of flowers on a living room coffee table that adds beauty and freshness to a stark, white environment that will instil a peaceful, pleasant presence to a bleak December day.

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