Ideal for people of all ages, a touch of romance within the home as a special look and ambience. Today's post is going to give you some interior design ideas on how to add a romantic look to your home in a subtle and stylish way. 1. Romantic Colours and Patterns: Red and pink are the most commonly used colours to signify romance. These don't have to be confined to the bedroom and rate is an ideal colour to add a touch of romance to living rooms and dining rooms; you could even use red in the bathroom to create a stylish place for relaxation. As there are so many different shades of red available there are colours to suit romantics of all ages, from bright lipstick reds to the more subtle mid tone ranges. So that your home doesn't look too tacky it's an idea to tone red down with a contrasting colour or a neutral such as cream. Romantic patterns are typically signified by hearts and these can be incorporated by using patterns bedding sets in bedrooms, on towels in bathrooms and for cushions and throws in living room. 2. Romantic Windows Treatments: To create romantic window treatments it's an idea to choose tactile fabrics such as silk, satin or velvet. A combination of Roman blinds made from one type of fabric, such as satin with a velvet trim, then coordinated with sheer voile panels will create a sensual yet practical window treatments the bedrooms. In the lounge or dining room red curtains can be used to coordinate with furniture. Rich mahogany dining tables and contrasting full-length pencil pleat curtains will add a touch of sophisticated refinement to your dining area, while trendy red curtains coordinate successfully with cream, blue or black leather sofas and chairs in the lounge. 3. Romantic Furnishings: Sumptuous sofas and chairs placed close to each other create a romantic look in lounges. Look for furniture table and chairs legs which have sexy curves to give a romantic look in dining rooms. In the bedroom, of course the bed is going to be the focal point and it's here where you can take the romantic touch as far as you want to! 4. Romantic Lighting: Candles and table lamps for soft ambient lighting are used to create a romantic lighting effect in all rooms, including the bathroom where scented candles rather than harsh lights can be used to set the mood! Chandeliers are also a good option for dining rooms and bedrooms. 5. Romantic Accessories: Heart-shaped accessories are ideal, along with thoughtful accessories such as photos and mementos that remind you of your loved one or ones.