It's easy to trick the eye using mirrors or reflective surfaces. Reflective surfaces can help make rooms larger, lighter and higher if you position them in the right places. You can also use mirrors in the garden to make it appear larger too.


Interior Design 2015


Use a reflective surface with a curve to reflect a piece of curved wood that becomes a frog.


Apartment Therapy


Place a small table against a large mirror to make it look twice as big.


Jordan Guide Design


A large mirror on a wall near a small window will not only make the room appear larger it will also maximise the amount of light coming into the room.


Jordan Guide Design


Take a tip from the masters and use a series of mirrors opposite windows to bounce light back into the room – just like the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles


De Zeen


Use a mirrored wall to reflect the outside into your home.




A mirrored window in your garden wall will make your outside area look twice as big.


Honey On My Lips


Mirrored furniture can make small space seem much larger.


Interior Design 2015


You can make half your house disappear using mirrors.




Highly polished floors will reflect light and add a sense of a lighter, airy place with lots of height.


Place a series of mirrors at different angles and see yourself in a different light!