How to Add the 'WOW' Factor to your Home 7: Walls

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

If untreated the walls in your home can look tired and dirty in just a short period of time. They are an important feature of the home and decorating them should be taken as a priority. Also maintaining them and making sure that they are always in good condition will mean that your house would look newer for longer. This will save you a lot of money in the long run and enable you to spend it on other things around the home.

Today one of the popular ways to decorate a home is by using different types of fabric as they come in a range of designs and can be purchased at a reasonable price. If you are deciding to change the look of an entire room or even your entire home then buying wholesale fabric will ensure that you get the best price available. Buy curtain fabrics online; the reason is because they have lower costs and can also provide a wider selection for you to choose from.

Therefore you will be able to find a design, style and colour that is best suited to the room that you are redecorating. Another tip for you is to research what types of wholesale fabric suits your individual needs. If you have a busy household then maybe something that is easy to clean and also hard wearing would be very advantageous. If you are a single person and only have a small area to decorate then why not go for something a little more exquisite and more focused on design?

Always factor in the installation costs unless you're are adopting one of this year's interior design trends of 'creating it yourself' – the new stance on DIY! Another of the latest interior design trends is use different fabrics and materials which are tactile – some designers are using fabric to make headboards on bedroom walls and even using richly textured materials in place of wall paper! If you make your own pencil pleat curtains any spare fabric can be used to make coordinating wall art. Simply use a stapler or staple-gun and stretch the fabric over artist's canvasses – a great way to use left over fabrics and add the 'wow' factor to your home!

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