Seasonal style - how to add some 'v.I.V.' va-va-voom!

Who have you got coming home for the holidays?

And where are they going to sleep?

If you’ve got V.I.V.’s (Very Important Visitors) coming, then whether you have a spacious spare room, whether you’re frantically de-cluttering the box room/ home office, or you’ve got to ‘rise’ to the occasion and have people literally sleeping under your roof in the attic; some stylish and affordable, crisp, clean, bedding is the best way to make a refreshing and dramatic difference to that space in a way that will make your guests feel not only welcome -  but like they’re being spoiled and pampered with 5 star treatment too – and all without breaking the bank! 

Young, old, modern, subtle, minimalist or bold; our bedding ranges cater for every budget and every type of guest. So, here’s a bit of inspiration to help you to transform your home for less for your V.I.V’s over the holidays!


Keep Them Blushing - A touch of blush for any season always adds a warm and welcoming feel without being overly bright or girlie. It works particularly well teamed with grey tones to keep the look subdued, but fresh and modern; as well as offering a considerate nod towards the masculine so as not to exclude the tastes and comforts of your gentleman guests by overloading them with pink!

The Young Ones - Younger visitors, be they tenacious teenagers or style conscious trend-setters, may not appreciate your best floral-bouquet bedding set - with the hand woven lace and ribbon inserts - no matter how beautiful you may think it is; so something a little more style conscious chosen with some generation-empathy, might be the order of the day here??

All That Glisters Is Not Gold - Gold doesn't have to be festive, glitzy or metallic when it comes to interiors at this time of year. It can instead come in the very stylish, accommodating and effective form of the yellow, mustardy-gold of Ochre. This warming golden yellow adds a natural radiance to a room that can be as refreshing and uplifting as the glow of natural sunshine; having an undoubtedly positive and cheery influence on your visitors!
The Ancient of Days - Great Grandma & Grandpa might be quite hip and trendy in may ways for their age these days, but may still not appreciate being be-dazzled by your jazzy zig-zaggy, migraine-inducing, chevron bedding: or be at all impressed with your dashing monochrome leopard print duvet! So, without wishing to be at all stereotypical, maybe a floral flourish or two or a spot of printed patchwork in some subtle, inviting neutrals would be more compliant to a restful haven for your ageing ancestors??
No Room at the Inn - Attractive Attic or Luxury Loft: Sometimes when there really is no room at the inn and our homes are already full to capacity, the only place you can accommodate those extra sleepover guests is in the attic. So why not turn it into an attractive attic or a luxury loft with some impressively stylish but affordable bedding to make your guests feel spoiled rather than squeezed in?
Apartment Therapy For The Modern Minimalists - If you've got hip and trendy minimalists coming to stay, who like to live in spacious and uncluttered surroundings, then simplicity is the order of the day every time. Clear out as much stuff as you can from the space they'll be staying in, to make it look less busy (hopefully without cluttering up any of the other rooms in the house with the junk you've had to move!??) and choose some simple but sophisticated bedding to bring a stylish but properly minimalist feel to the space.
Precious Metals - Silver and gold can look impressive and stylish at any time of the year, but as a seasonal accessory they can add a touch of neutral sparkle and glister that will complement a multitude of existing colour schemes; as well as making the space feel that little bit more glamorous too make your guests feel pampered and important. Steeley graphite tones make a more subtle, neutral, alternative too if you're not one for too much blingy sparkle or for metallic finishes.

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