For children, the bedroom is so much more than just a place to lay their tired heads at the end of the day. Sleeping does come into the equation, but so does play time, study time and generally letting their imaginations run away with them. As parents we can feel under pressure to meet all of those needs in a room and still having some pennies left for the summer holidays. However, with the help of your child's imagination and our budget advice, there really won't be much to worry about! You might be at an advantage if you are good with your hands and creating things. Sometimes standard furnitures can be given some magic with special paints or stencilling for example. Look for curtain fabrics online and you can customise virtually everything in a kid's room and turn it into something spectacular. On the subject of colour, giving the walls a fresh lick of paint is reasonably cheap and will last right through to their teens if you are wise with the colour. They will have their preferences - but bubblegum pinks or baby blues might not appeal to them once they have grown another inch or two! Either make a compromise by letting them choose the paint colour but only applying it to a feature wall or go with a more sophisticated shade on all walls which will satisfy them for longer. You can always add tonnes of wall art for an instant shock of colour. There are even more fun things to do with paints that will have effective results on a kids rooms. They will love the idea of dressing up the ceiling with a moon and stars - use night-glow paint or wall stickers if you would prefer. You could also stencil a simple pattern onto furniture such as a flower print down the side of a set of drawers for girls or a Tyrannosaurus Rex for the boys. Kids love to scoot around on the floors and sit in corners with a comic or book. You don't have to buy an expensive chair for them to relax in - beanbags will be an awesome alternative and the cost will make you smile. Again. Look for those with bright colours or with a pattern/print of their favourite hero or princess. You can pick up fabric designs in bedding and curtain sets too - choose childrens curtains with blackout lining that will keep unwanted light out in the early mornings (we can hope they might sleep a little longer!)