How to 7: how to create a victorian dining room

The problem with decorating using Victorian décor is that many people often find it difficult to know where to start but knowing how to create a Victorian dining room is not as difficult as it first may seem. To begin the process of redecorating your dining area using a Victorian style, you may want to consider the materials used during this period. Before you blindly go ahead and start decorating your dining room, you need to take some time out to really think about the kind of design you are looking for.

Common metals of this period included nickel, bronze, pewter and copper. Whilst it may not be possible for us all to get our hands-on genuine bronze and copper finishings, it is more than possible to take an existing metal trimming in your house and give it a bronze or copper effect by using a paintbrush. What colours people by use when painting existing materials to present a bronze finish is really up to you but darker browns give an aged and more realistic appearance.

During the Victorian era, colours such as deep reds and purples and also creams were used so depending on your particular preferences, you can choose any of these colours to create an authentic appearance. This era was a particularly famous era for its intricate and delicate detailing which can be achieved with a paintbrush by wonderful designs around the skirting boards and along the edge of your walls. After you have chosen the colours to your room you need to look at the furniture.

Quite clearly, one of the most significant pieces of furniture in a dining room is the table and again the Victorian era is very well known for the large dining tables and matching side-boards, however, it's not necessary for you to fork out lots of money to find yourself a genuine Victorian dining table as many modern tables are designed using Victorian influences.

Place a large patterned rug under the table as in Victorian times fitted carpets weren't yet being used. When considering the windows to a Victorian dining room, ready made pencil pleat curtains are a wonderful addition to the room as this was very similar to popular forms of decoration at this time. To create pencil pleat curtains, you can simply buy from a wholesale fabric store online along with standard heading tape to make your own bespoke curtains to compliment the colours in your dining room. Hang from metal or wooden curtain poles as Swish curtain track we know today had yet to be invented!

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