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How to 5 - how to fit venetian blinds

If you have chosen to change your window treatments or have moved into a new home and started to decorate - these type of blinds can be easy to install and easy to live with. The varying materials compliment all interiors and they provide a good level of privacy and light control. It will only take up a weekend afternoon to complete the task at hand and if you pay good attention to what you are doing - there can't be any errors!

We show you step-by-step just how easy it is to fit a Venetian blind so that your only concern is choosing between wood or metal blinds! First, you will need to have the right tools for the job. Aside from the blinds, you will need a tape measure, screwdriver (preferably electric and a spirit level). More you shouldn't need. The spirit level is very important for when you mount the brackets and if you don't have one - see if you can borrow one for the day. There are two methods of fitting the blinds - one is to fit them at the inside of the window casing and the other the outer frame.

With a beautiful window you might want to attempt the first method as it doesn't cover the frame of the window. Furthermore, if you wanted to add curtains to your window dressing later on - the blinds will not get in the way and you won't have to buy an extended pole. If you do attach them to the frame then it is likely that they will be your sole treatment - so avoid this if you had thoughts of using ready made curtains.

The next step is measuring the window to find out what size ready-made blind you will need. When the blind is for the recess, simply measure the width of the gap and double if not triple check. It is vital at this stage that you get the correct measurement as unlike fabric blinds - these will be very difficult to alter in width. Measure the length too. When you wish to hang them from the frame, you will need to measure again the width and the length in which you wish your blinds to fall to.

Now you can purchase a set of cheap Venetian blinds that will fit perfectly at your window. It isn't difficult to find the right size as they often have lots of widths. If you are not confident about the choice in size, there are also possibilities for made-to-measure blinds that will suit your needs. Within the kit should be a pair of brackets and a set of screws. With your screwdriver, place the brackets either to fit snugly in the top corners of the inner window frame or on the outer side - making sure you have them level.

For the outer window frame you should place the brackets a little above the actual window and measure to make sure the brackets are of even measurement from the window on either side. The blind can then be slotted onto the brackets and the caps placed to the ends to stop movement. Attach the wand to one side at an easy to reach level and you have completed your project.

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