How to 5: how to create a victorian guest-room

Guest-rooms with a Victorian style means that pretty florals, lace and beautiful bedding sets should be the main focus of the room. As most guest-rooms are small Victorian styling compliments the restricted space as you can use lots of nick-nacks to pull the style together – just remember not to go too overboard otherwise you'll end up with an unorganised mess which simply looks cluttered! If you really don't have many ideas, it is a good idea to look online at some traditional Victorian looking bedrooms.

There may be part of the bedroom that you like such as the rugs, so simply take certain aspects of this one-bedroom and then certain aspects of another bedroom and bring it all together in your creation. Plain white luxury bedding with cut-work or embroidery will bring the quintessential Victorian look, use large pillow shams to pile onto the bed to give the look of opulent simplicity. Pretty floral tea cups, either for tea or for placing pot-pouri, on a small bedside table will look superb, along with full length ready made curtains – preferably with a floral design.

Sweep the curtains open from the centre and hold in place with curtain tie backs UK, the sort with tassels to bring a touch of gandeur to the room. Other simple objects such as a Victorian chair wouldn't go a miss, neither would a vantity mirror on top of a chest of draws. Try and find authentic pieces or good quality reproductions.

Stripper floorboards would also bring a Victorian feel to the room. Don't forget to add bedside Indian rugs to the floor as this will not only provide warmth for your guest's feet it will also indicate that you are well travelled – the Victorians loved to show off to their guests and items bought from or imported from the Britsh Empire showed affluence!

Nowadays you don't have to travel anywhere to find these things, simply go online and have them delivered to your door! If you want to take your guest-room to the extremities and indulgence of the Victorians you'll have to opt for a wrought iron bed, complete with brass end posts or a wooden bed with a large padded head-board!

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