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How to 4 - how to make roman blinds - part 2

Carrying on from yesterday with Roman blinds how to make, the last few easy steps for you to follow before you have your own bespoke Roman Blinds.

  • For each of the pleats you will need a piece of the curtain fabric that measures the width of the blind and 8cm in length. Fold the fabric in half and stitch the length of the raw edge together. Stitch one end of the pocket so that the dowel will not slip out. It would be a good idea to quickly press the pockets before stitching them central to each pencil line on the blind with a sewing machine.
  • Place the dowels into the pockets and hand stitch the second end to secure the rods or Roman blind tracks. Take the trimming that you chose and cut it into three equal lengths. Position one along the length of the blind in the centre and the other two at either end - slip stitching them into place. There should be some excess length - in equal amounts, turn the excess over to the back of the blind at the top and the bottom. Slip stitch into place.
  • Going back to the dowel pockets, find the central point on each and slip stitch a plastic ring. Plastic rings will also be stitched at either end of each pocket - 5cm in from the edge.
  • Now make your hem at the top of the blind, stitching both fabric and lining to the back at a 2.5cm fold. Stitch the sew-on loop fastener near to this fold and hang the Roman blinds up with the wooden batten. Three of the eyelets will be placed in line with the plastic rings and screwed to the backside of the batten. The fourth eyelet will go to one edge where the cord will be kept in place and the blinds can be pulled up or down accordingly.
  • The final stage is to cut the cord into three equal parts and tie them around the bottom ring. Now work the cord upwards through the following rings and the eyelet Roman blind tape before joining them together and threading through the fourth eyelet. Thread them through an acorn and trim any excess before tying over the wall cleat.
You now have a beautiful Roman blind to enhance the look of your windows is a fabric of your choice to coordinate with your décor and interior design style!

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