How to 4: how to create a victorian bathroom

If you are looking to renovate your bathroom, what better way to decorate it than in a Victorian style. The Victorian era was an extremely attractive period in which many people became creative with their hands and also with the décor in their homes. Today we see many Victorian styles and decorations in hotels and restaurants and more and more people are starting to decorate their home as people become creative and often bored of the traditional or modern contemporary styles.

The Victorian bathroom is extremely attractive for visitors and really does give a nice feel and atmosphere. One particularly good way in which you can start decorating your bathroom with a Victorian style is by the use of a window blind. Blinds are actually quite cheap and even contemporary looking bathrooms are really set off by a bathroom Venetian blind to give it a mix between both classic and a traditional feel. Often people are actually a little intimidated about taking their hands to the bathroom and creating a Victorian style, but things did not have to be all that complicated.

Simply go online and take a look at Victorian interior design ideas for bathrooms and you will see just how creative some people have become. It doesn't need to be expensive and many people decorate their bathrooms with existing materials and ornaments that they have throughout the house. If you do however have have a sufficient budget then you may even want to consider a new bathtub.

A Victorian free standing claw foot bathtub epitomises the wealthy Victorian homes. With just this one item you can literally transform a traditional and modern looking bathroom into a authentic looking Victorian bathroom. Once you have the bathtub in place, you may want to consider a bathroom rug. A rug is a lovely way to complement your Victorian bathtub and even if you haven't opted for a free standing bathtub, a bathroom rug is an inexpensive way of adding a Victorian feel to the room.

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