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How to 3: how to create a victorian bedroom

Creating a Victorian bedroom can be an extremely exciting hobby for people interested in giving their bedroom a makeover. If we think back to Victorian bedrooms that we have all seen in our history books, most people will be drawn to the thought of a four-poster bed! Four-poster beds are absolutely wonderful in any room, with the curtains falling from the posts downwards presenting an overall feel of the luxury and nostalgia through the bedroom.

Aside from a four-poster bed, many Victorian beds are also made of cast iron and sit low on the floor. If you're good with your hands and do have adequate DIY skills you can actually adapt a standard bed by attaching cast iron fixings to the bed and also on the posts. To get some ideas about how to dress your bed, take a look online or through any Victorian history publication and you will see that many of the decorations consist of big pillows and intricate detailing on cheap bed linen that you can create with simple sewing skills.

During the Victorian era, windows were an especially important aspect of a beautifully decorated home. There are some great ways that you can decorate your bedroom window. Victorians often used materials like velvet, jacquard, damask and lace; so look for these types of curtain fabrics online and make your own curtains. There are of course many other ways in which you can decorate your Victorian bedroom and this does not necessarily have to cost you a lot of money.

Even if you have things in your house with you do not use, try to be creative and think about how you can make these items appear Victorian. Often many of us have junk in our attics and things that have been passed down through generations that we quite honestly don't have a use for. If you do have things made of brass like small sculptures and ornaments that you simply cannot find a place for in your home then you may find that with a bit of creativity you can turn this item into a wonderful Victorian sculpture. Rugs are also a great way to add that rustic Victorian feel to any bedroom. Rugs can be sewn, stitched and adapted to create a wonderful Victorian feel for your bedroom or simply bought as rugs direct from the wholesalers.

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