Teenagers need their space and having a room that portrays their changing life can help them develop. A sense of individuality, belonging and, oh yes, being cool, are the most important factors in their lives. Listen to the wants and interests of you teen to get great ideas for turning their bedroom into a great hangout which they may just keep tidy – if you cross your fingers and hope! Action is the name of the game when it comes to teens. Choosing colours and furnishings that blend with the theme of your home plus the likes of your adolescent is not always an easy project. More than likely, a teen will have vivid, cool colours in mind for a racy, upbeat mood. Create a brightly decorated room without going neon by selecting colours of blue, yellow, orange or green. Looking at several tone swatches at your favourite paint store can create a backdrop for colour. One of the simplest ways to add a splash of colour to a teens bedroom is by painting two opposite walls with colour while leaving the other two in a neutral state. A painted desk and bookshelves can then be matched to the bright colour and placed against the neutral toned walls. This will create a more dramatic look than blending into the walls. Storage units can also be used with corresponding colour as well as bed frames. If your teen likes to pin up everything important, add some cork-board behind the work area. Space and function are the two main factors next to colour in a teens room. The days of double beds are gone giving way to expanded floor room. Twin beds with built-in bookshelves, desks or storage units are in for providing space for small electronic pieces, DVDs, papers and jewellery. Brightly painted storage cabinets and cubicles help provide needed space for clothing and personal items. Window treatments should be simple and appealing. Wide slatted wooden blinds with breathable sheer pencil pleat curtains provide a grown-up look without being stuffy. Colourful comforters and duvet cover sets in plain, wide stripes, squares or circles will add personal style with flair. Add a large shag area rug and beanbags where friends can get comfortable and your teen will be in heaven!

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