How to 2: how to organise a small home office

Having a home office can be a blessing or a punishment. Being able to conduct business without driving to another location can be convenient but if you have a space that feels confining and stacks of papers are piled everywhere, your mind is not capable of focusing on the tasks at hand. By making a few changes to a small home office, a bright and professional air can be introduced.

Function and style are the two main factors to remember when planning a home office. If you already have an existing space and do not know where to begin, clear everything and start over. A window is a plus for any office with natural light that streams through. Depending on which side of the home you are on, sun glare may be a problem during certain hours of the day.

Consider this before placing the desk so the light will work with you and not against you. If necessary, install semi-opaque readymade blinds that cut the glare without shutting out the light. Wooden blinds are also a good option for providing you with excellent light control. If you have hard to reach or awkward shaped windows roller blinds made to measure are an effective window dressing solution, more especially if you opt for motorised blinds which operate at the click of a switch.

Colours affect a person's mood and unless you thrive on lots of action within your small office, stay away from red and purple. Black and white are also extremely cool colours that can disrupt study of any type. Warm colours such as ivory or tan can give a calming sense to the surroundings. Live plants are great for filtering the air and providing a feeling of nature.

Wood floors or light coloured carpeting will help increase the size of the room. Install a couple of recessed cans or track lighting over the window so the light can be adjusted on gloomy days and evenings. Select a wide and narrow task light for close-up work that requires little space. Halogen lights are a good choice. After making these changes, your small home office will appear larger, brighter and more inviting.

You will find yourself more organised and able to get more quality work completed. Having a home office is convenient and cost-effective but only when you use the time wisely. Make the most of your space and keep everything organised to keep your mind uncluttered and stagnant.

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