How to 2: how to create a victorian living room

The Victorian era is an highly popular period in which designers became extremely creative in their designs. Colours of this period range from light to dark and depending on which shade you choose you must always seek to choose a shade that complements the room and adds depth. A Victorian living room is not only about colours but also about patterns and the intricate detailing that this era presented.

Just a few of the patterns that many people today choose to use when decorating their Victorian living room are floral decorations. Another popular decoration and perhaps the most common is the Gothic style decor. This style in particular adds depth and atmosphere to any living room and you can really become creative as you use stencils and marble patterns across your walls and floor boards. If you have been interested in decorating your living room using a Victorian style there are so many different styles and patterns in which you can create your own interior design ideas.

Not only should you look at the colours of your walls and patterns, but also things like stained glass windows. This was a particularly popular form of decoration of its time which still lives on strong today. The great thing about stained glass windows is the patterns that you can select and when you choose to fit a stained-glass window into your living room, the light passing through the glass can create a magical and warm effect that really complements the overall feel of your living room. In recent years many people have become creative in their Victorian styling ideas and actually started to mix different eras into one respective living.

Believe it or not Indian rugs make a great addition to a Victorian living room and this is perhaps due to the fact that Indian rugs also come with some extremely elaborate and intricate designs.The colours are often rich and deep and also surprisingly similar to the designs that were created during the Victorian period. Red and green were key Victorian colour schemes, dark green or full length red curtains in rich fabric such as damask or Jaqucard would be the ideal window dressing.

There are so many ways you can create a Victorian living room but perhaps the best way that you should do this is start with the walls. Take your time selecting a colour that you feel comfortable with and once you are certain, only then you should start painting! At this point you will start to see your living room come alive and the next step is perhaps the carpet and flooring. If you don't have a sufficient budget to replace the whole carpet you can simply buy yourself a couple of cheap rugs to complement the colours and tone of walls.

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