Sometimes they can be a blessing and other times they are a lot of hard work - so how can you make the most of your bay windows without too many trials getting it right? A problem that many confess to having is blending the treatment of bay windows with the treatment of other, more standard windows within the room. The truth is, you know the bay windows are a little bit special and that they deserve a little extra attention - how is this done? Due to their shape and design, bay windows are naturally eye-catching and can become a grand focal point in any room - you shouldn't be fooled into thinking you have to dress them up lavishly to complete the 'look' as they can even look stunning without any treatment! That being said, some window treatments will offer the home-owner privacy and provide a barrier against the bright lights of the sun - so whether it be for appearances or function, some kind of treatment is inevitable. Ask yourselves if you have another window in the home that you simply love and try to use the same idea on the bay window - more often than not, normal window treatments can be used in bay windows if you give and take a few finer details. Try some of the following ideas for inspiration on treating bay windows and always keep in mind how it will blend in with the rest of room's design.
  • If you use curtain poles that go across the full length in front of your window it can make a focal point to the room. When the curtains are drawn back it is almost as if you are revealing a stage and you could have an attractive window seat, dramatic sculpture or large potted plant that you wish to bring attention to.
  • A built in window seat with storage is a wonderful pairing to the bay window and with a good eye for detail you can soon upholster the seating to compliment your curtains/blinds or the rest of the rooms furnishings and colour palette. Such areas are so homely to curl up with a good book as you peer into the garden - or even for children to play.
  • Some of you will like the addition of valances which can give a more complete look to a window treatment and be elegant at the same time.
  • You can easily double up on curtains to have the option of both a glow of natural light and complete darkness and/or privacy. Use a sheer, light fabric behind and heavier, black out curtains in front - they can be drawn back for the most part. If you like the idea of this look it is best to treat each window separate as opposed to one rod that closes the entire bay.
  • In contrast to the first idea, special bay window curtain poles can be used to address each window separately and the benefit of this is opening up a room and incorporating the bay space with the room as a whole and not to have it partitioned off.

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