How not to present your home when you're trying to sell

Selling a home can be an extremely frustrating and stressful time. With the housing market not being terribly buoyant you need to ensure that your home stands out from the crowd. There are some dos and don’ts that you really should pay attention to if you want to make a sale without having to wait for months or lower your asking price too much. Remove clutter: We keep going on about it because it's an interior designer's nightmare! Imagine yourself walking into a room full of clutter and junk, it's an instant put-off. Clutter also makes room look smaller – de-clutter and your rooms will look more spacious and inviting. Before and after living room transformation

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Sweet Aromas: A whiffy home is not a nice home! Not only do bad smells give the instant impression of uncleanliness it will put viewers in a negative mood. Use diffusers, scented candles or having something delicious baking in the oven – anything that wafts a sweet smell around – don't over do it though – too much can be overpowering and your viewers will be able to smell a rat so to speak. Incense sticks and candles on a coffee table


Dusting: Remove dust from the main surfaces, such as table tops and television screens. Although you're not trying to sell your furnishings viewers will automatically think 'clean' if there's not an inch of dust everywhere! Dusting wood surface

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Ditch the pets: You may be an animal lover but your prospective buyers may not be. Keep pets outside when possible, if they're indoor only pets make sure their living quarters are clean. Put birds in their cages, dogs, pet rats, polecats etc. safely out side. Dogs, cats, birds, ferret, tortoise and snail

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Clean Windows: Clean your windows inside and out to let the sunlight stream into your home. Filthy windows indicate a dirty home. Window cleaning with a squidgee

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Fist Impressions: First impressions really do count, so make a good impression from the front gate, up the path and the front door. They all need to be clutter free and welcoming. South West London Victorian Terraced Front Garden

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Make an Entrance: You've spruced up your pathway so make sure your hallway or entrance is clutter free and welcoming too. A vase of fresh flowers won't go amiss either. Hallway with cream carpet and white wooden staircase

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Remove Furniture: Too much furniture in a room will make it appear small. Remove some of your furniture and place it short term storage. White and gold formal living room

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Messy Back Garden: A messy and untidy back garden will put people off making you an offer, simply because they see it as too much work! Side of a shed in a messy spring garden

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White Walls: You may love deep, dark wall colours but others won't. A quick lick of white paint enables them to see it as a blank canvass which can easily be decorated to their taste.

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