Swimming is a great way to exercise, keep fit and relax. If you don't fancy trundling own to the local swimming baths and have plenty of space (and cash) you can have your own bespoke swimming pool! We've found some of the most amazing home swimming pools for you to be inspired and envious (?) of.  

Interior Designer 2014

Stradivarius violins are extremely rare, but you can have your own Stradivarius swimming pool is you have enough money!  

The Modern Sybarite

The glass side lets you take an underwater view of those swimming and of course makes this luxury pool stand out from the crowd.  

Homes of the Rich Lists

This amazing indoor swimming pool belongs to Texas billionaire Gerald Ford.  

Home Interior Designs

Don't think just because you live in an apartment you can't have your own pool. The Aquaria Grande, Mumbai, India has 37 storeys with some the apartments having their own balcony pool.  

Architecture Design

With no apparent edge you can escape into a world of your own.  

Architecture Design

Whatever the weather there's nothing like a refreshing swim!  

World of Archi

Amazing natural cave swimming pool has to be a luxury that few can afford.  

Vnuks Media

Step out of bed for a refreshing early morning swim, or go late night skinny dipping – the choice is yours if you own a home like this.  

Room Decoratin

This awesome pool gives you your own bed-island – just be careful if you sleep walk!  

Swim University

Keep in contact with the people inside your home while you relax and swim outside; there must be some pretty odd things to see for onlookers, or is that too bizarre to even contemplate?  


Stylishly chic, complete with a flat screen television to watch during laps.  

Resource DIR

Gorgeous indoor pool, complete with spa pool too.  

She 777

Extravagance at its best; the painted ceiling and oyster shell may not be to everyone's liking, but it's certainly different.  

Guncast Swimming Pools

You have the freedom to swim inside or out with this amazing home pool.  

Resource DIR

Having the pool within site of living areas means you won't have any excuses not to take the plunge!