Colour is all around us; even on the gloomiest of days there’s a hint of colour somewhere – a flower, a passing car, umbrellas etc. Our world inside and outside the home is full of colour and it’s these colours we can use to change the mood of our homes and ultimately are own general well-being and perception of how we ‘see’ our living space. White is a fabulous neutral that remains on-trend year after year. It’s used in all styles of homes, from country cottage motifs to contemporary ones. One its own it can be a little clinical and some would say devoid of character; however, add pops of pink and red to your room and you’ll see that it becomes one full of love.


Just look how effective this pop of purple is. It lifts this room from plain and lifeless to a chic and very stylish living space. Purple is the colour associated with wealth and royalty, communicating the highest quality.

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Teal is an ideal colour to use to add interest and calmness to a room. It works incredibly well with all tones of brown, from deep chocolate to soothing latte and coffee tones.

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A combination of cool blue on walls is given a pop of colour with bright red. Red is a warm and energising colour which can make a room look inviting and friendly.

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Use Radiant Orchid and you’ll be bang on-trend this year. This stunning tone is Pantene’s colour of 2014. It’s the paler cousin to purple but still possess the same regal qualities. It’s also a colour associated with spiritual awareness making ideal for bathrooms, where you can spend time soaking in the bath contemplating life.

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As we’ve seen red is an energising colour; it’s also the colour that is believed to stimulate appetite. Adding a pop of red in your dining room may well make dinner parties and family meal times visually warming and help ensure there’s no grumbling about the food!

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Blue is a peaceful and calming colour making it ideal for use in bedrooms. While it’s also classified as a cold colour, combining it with white or cream takes the cool edge off, leaving you with a serenity which is conducive to a good night’s sleep.


The colour of nature green is revitalising and rejuvenating. Adding pops of green is a great way to bring a touch of nature inside your home. It’s also perfect for making small rooms and conservatories appear as if they flow out into the garden.

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Can’s decide on a specific colour? No worries go for pops of multi-colours and any plain room will be injected with style.


Adding orange to your home will bring an immediate warmth. It’s also associated with physical comfort making it a very user friendly choice for any style of home.


Splashes of yellow are like bringing rays of warm sunshine into your home. This fun colour is ideal for kitchens and children’s room. Be careful though, because over use can be detrimental to your self-esteem.

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Associated with the earth and nature brown can exude class, especially when pops of gold are added. It has a seriousness and warmth which leans towards masculinity and protection.

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Often viewed as dark and foreboding, it has to be said that an all-black room could be a little oppressive. Black is, however, deemed a colour which is sophisticated and displays uncompromising excellence. Often teamed with pops of white or red, black also has a distinctive nod towards masculinity.

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