It's that time of year again! Step it up a gear and be inspired to give your neighbours a fright this Halloween by giving the outside of your home a creepy makeover. Scary-Yard-Decoration-for-Halloween-Ideas-6-506x380

Celebrate and Decorate

Drape a scary ghostly figure from your roof top. scary-witch-decorations-506x400

Lillian Vernon

Put a life-sized mannequin of a wicked witch on your front porch – that should make the trick-or-treaters think twice about pestering you! Spooky-Decorated-Porch-129218

Feature Pics

Devote your entire front porch to a ghoulish, scary scene. 2014-halloween-porch-decoration-ideas-mouth-skeleton-carpet-f62463-692x900


Make the entrance to your house into an open-mouthed scary clown and dare anyone to walk up to your front door. halloween-decorating-ideas

The Inspired Room

Use your down-pipe to create a hung skeleton scene – place a chair underneath that can be kicked away to complete the fright! halloween-decorations

The Inspired Room

Put three hung skeletons, wrapped in black capes, over the front steps. free-stuff-on-Halloween-decorations

Happy Free Halloween

Plant some cut-off hands in flower pots for a scare that may just grow on you! halloween-decorations-15


Use Mummy-like ghosts to guard your front door. creepy-halloween

Just Call Me Janks

Place a giant devil in the border next to your door. This awesome will welcome people into your home with a beckoning finger. Affordable-Spooky-Halloween-Porch-Decoration-Ideas-4

Adorable Home

Dare anyone to ring your doorbell by putting a realistic chopped off finger onto it!

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