Home living styles – part 6 – modern families

Modern family homes have to be practical and functional, yet they do not have to be without style! The main room of all family homes, especially during the evenings, is the lounge. With the abundance of modern styled furniture creating this type of living style is amongst the easiest.

For most modern homes the TV is the focal point within the room, with the latest wide screen plasma TVs being hung on the wall rather than poked into a corner. This only allows for the TV be as large as you wish as it does not take up precious floor space. Comfortable seating is imperative and whether you opt for leather or fabric upholstered sofas and chairs is purely a matter of personal choice, however, most modern families opt for durable leather which is easy to maintain.

Family homes should also reflect the fact that more than one or two people actually live in the home, this is typically achieved by having family photographs and knick-knacks placed around the room for everyone to see. This does not however mean that you should clutter every surface, to strike an even balance will give you the desired look and yet still reflect that you have a family home. Chic styling is still very important to maintain a stunning interior.

Careful consideration should be given to the window dressing and whilst you need to let as much natural light as possible into the room during the day the need for privacy is equally as important. If you have a large expanse of window or an entire wall with patio style doors one of the easiest window dressings are voile curtains, these are available in a wide range of colours and styles , providing a modern look to the room.

If you opt for the more standard heading styles you have a choice of whether you hang them from curtain tracks or wooden curtain poles making them a very versatile choice in modern homes. Either way of hanging this style of curtains means that you can have natural right filtering through them as well as not allowing passers-by to see inside your rooms, and you can simply draw them open to provide an unrestricted view of your garden if you so wish.

Modern family homes in neutral colours provide an aesthetically pleasing look which can have a subtle injections of a more vibrant colour to suit the personalities of the people living there! Simply by adding green foliage plants can give your lounge area a stylish look which is homely and welcoming. If you are looking for ideas for a more contemporary styled interior part 4 of this mini series provides some great ideas!

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