Home living styles – part 4 - contemporary

To achieve stunning contemporary interiors which have the 'wow' factors it's best to keep the colour scheme simple with natural tones such as wood teamed with pale turquoise to add warmth. Pieces of wall art are perfect for both living areas and bedrooms. Standard radiators for heating are no in keeping with this style. Instead under floor heating and a feature wall mounted fire against a striking contrasting wall colour will provide the desired visual look. If you don't want to mount the fire inside a wall free standing fires are also in-trend and very acceptable.

If you have a large open plan space try dividing it with a false wall or mount a smooth glide curtain track so that it projects across two-thirds of the area. Dress with plain white curtains or dove grey to make a divider. It's also a good idea to change the flooring at the same place to give each area definition and purpose. Wood makes a good affordable choice, you can still have carpet just also long as it isn't beige or taupe, stick to white, black, brown or cream. We know that big, bold patterns are in-trend this year, however monotones are sometimes easier to live with particularly in bedrooms.

Go bold with your light shades, but before rushing out to buy a new floor or ceiling light make sure that they will provide enough light in the area they are to be used in. Most contemporary designs are light and airy places, not dingy dark rooms! Add a touch of glamour with a bold piece of furniture or a funky free standing statue or work of art. Choose furniture which is both practical and functional, the bigger the better, but only if you have sufficient space, otherwise the room will look over crowded.

Modular furniture is great for creating intimate areas in large rooms. In bedrooms the bed is the main focus, statement headboards are definitely on-trend this year. Substitute your headboard for a large block print panel for a striking look. Keep bedding elegant, yet practical and not overly fussy. Any display objects should be displayed in odd numbers, that's a classic interior designer's trick which has been around for many years and yet is an absolute must if you're going to pull of a contemporary styled interior! Graphic prints on curtains and rugs is fine, just as long as you keep the rest of the room plain. Curtain poles are out, whereas the latest easy glide white curtain tracks are in.

You can add coordinating cushions, but again keep coordinating to a minimum otherwise the room will become too fussy. If you'd rather have plain window dressings opt for faux suede or faux leather roller blinds. The style with the band of contrasting colour on the bottom edge will work well, especially if the colour tones are within keeping with the overall colour scheme of the room. Prefer a more traditional home style? Maybe Part 2 – Country Manor will be more to your liking.

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