Home living styles – part 3 - retro

The retro style provides a vibrant yet soothing colour palette which is one of its key features. Popular retro colours include aqua, turquoise, mustard yellow, Coco Cola red, blue, bubble gum pink and of course black and white. Chequer board patterns teamed with red and white motifs are timeless classics along with polished chrome, laminate surfaces, vinyl and lino flooring!

To add a real retro feel you should also try and include chair styles such as the Eames lounge chair, the butterfly chair or the tulip chair along with retro wall art which resemble star bursts or satellites which were fashioned around the Sputnik. All lounges had a star-burst wall clock as well as a kidney shaped coffee table or curvy shaped coffee tables. This was the age of daring and breaking the moulds of traditions, much to the tut tutting of the older generations! Wallpaper patterns were also bold often geometric styles.

Window dressings consisted of Venetian blinds in the retro house, along with curtains made from the new easy care fabrics which swamped the market. This was a time of fun and yet the majority of women were the home makers and although things were fun and funky many people could afford to lavish their homes with pink toasters or aqua refrigerators! So for many it was a case of making do or making your own! Today we have online shopping, not so back then. It was a case of shopping on the high street to find fabrics to make curtains and cushions for the home.

The revival of the retro style has made its presence well and truly felt on the interior design scene and whilst ready made curtains UK are available in a plethora of styles, patterns and colours for those who prefer to make their own window dressings have the opportunity to buy curtain material online for convenience and in a colour or designs they could possible think of including classical retro colours and designs. Don't forget this years in-trend colour is turquoise and the same beautiful colour was in fashion during the retro days as well! If this is not your style part 1 of this mini series looked at loft apartments which may be more in keeping with your lifestyle?

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