Home living styles – part 2 - country manor

Country Manor interiors conjure up images of grandeur and elegance, with the emphasis being put on the desires and whims of the Lord and Lady of the home. Although this quintessential English lifestyle does still exist it is only the gentry or those who have managed to buy a country manor estate! However, this doesn't mean you can't use some of the fabulous interior design styles and colour schemes to create your own country manor. Think along the lines of old well worn Chesterfield sofas and wing back leather chairs.

Dark colours are typically used as country manor houses have the benefit of large rooms, tone the colours down a couple of shades so as not to make your rooms to dark and dreary looking. Dark green is a staple colour along with burgundy and deep rich reds. In older country manors the floors are left as stripped and polished floorboards which again are dark in colour either naturally as seen in dark oak or stained to give the appearance of dark oak.

Rugs are placed in main living areas, originally to help keep the home owners feet warm due to the draughts coming up through the gaps in the floorboards! Today, it's a great way to re-create the country manor look. Unless you have large rooms light coloured curtains will give the illusion of more space. Add a contrasting pelmet which fits neatly up to the ceiling to also provide the illusion of taller, larger windows. Full length curtains hung from curtain tracks are a must. Double curtains tracks are a good idea if you prefer a more relaxed and informal style of pelmet. If you don't want a pelmet then it's a good idea to use wooden curtains poles the same colour as your flooring to provide balance and cohesion to the room.

Don't forget matching or contrasting tiebacks for your curtains to give a refined and classical look. Large wooden glass fronted cabinets are also seen in country manor houses, to show off hunting trophies, although today wild animals which have had the taxidermy treatment are definitely not compulsory! Instead display your finest china and porcelain, inherited antiquities and other personal treasures.

The country manor style is not to be taken lightly if you are to achieve a successful design, or you may just prefer to think of country manor and add your own quirky touches to make your home as individual as you are! If this style is not modern enough for your taste yesterday's post Home Living Styles - Loft Apartments may be more to your liking?

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