Home living styles – part 1 - loft apartments

Open space living is not only very fashionable it's a fabulous way to save money when either renting or buying a home. Buying a loft apartment which has had little done to it in way of decorating or design leaves you a wonderful blank canvass on which to make your own individual impression! You'll need to think about the layout and of course work with what you have rather than spend pounds moving the bathroom or kitchen.

Open plan living is not a new concept it's been around for many years the only difference is that people now see these living spaces as desirable residences -'Des-Res'- and many now command very high prices particularly in cities, rather than a way of getting your first step onto the housing ladder. Any new decorating needs to be given careful consideration rather than rushing in and then regretting your choices when it will be costly to alter them!

One of the first things you'll need to is look at when the natural light is coming from. This could be windows, skylights or a combination of the two. You'll also need to consider which compass point the windows face, are they south facing and going to need a window dressing which helps reduce heat build-up in the summer, such as cheap Venetian blinds or are they north facing meaning you'll have to maximise and utilise as much light as you can maybe by using beautiful lightweight sheer voile curtains.

Once you have determined these basic points you can then decide which living areas you want where. If you want to wake up to a gloriously lit bed room as daybreak you should make that area your bedroom space. Likewise if you want your main living area bathed in glorious sunshine opt for the south side of the loft space.

One great advantage of loft apartments is that you shouldn't overlooked by passers by or neighbours, which means you privacy won't be a problem and you won't have to equate this factor into your choice of window dressing. Each area of the loft space can be sub-divided if you wish by the strategic placing of shelving or you could use screens or even cheap roller blinds which enable you to be as open or private as you wish.

If you have skylight windows in your loft apartment and don't want to gaze at the night sky, blinds which have been designed specifically for these types of windows are widely available and easy to fit. Open plan living and loft apartments provide you with a beautiful living space if you do a little homework! Image: Decorology

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