Home Design for Healthy Lifestyles

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

The need to live a healthier lifestyle is something more and more of us are becoming aware of. We are constantly bombarded by the media with shows informing us of the dangers of being overweight, other shows telling us how lose it and more still telling us how fabulous we look and feel when we lose it.

Obviously there is much more involved in being healthy than simply losing a little weight but you understand my meaning. As our homes are where we spend most of our time, they should do all they can to help us achieve our health goals. The most obvious starting point is to install a home gym. If you have a bedroom going spare, a few mirrors and a spot of white paint and matching roller blind and a laminate floor covered with rubber matting should freshen things up in preparation for some exercise equipment.

Ideally if you want to install a treadmill, a downstairs room would be better suited due to the loud vibrations caused. If this isn’t an option, try an elliptical machine or cross trainer- both run much smoother and therefore make less noise- they also have the added benefit of providing a whole body workout rather than lower body only, as is the case of the treadmill.

As for the rest of the house, wooden or tiled flooring should is preferable to carpeting as they hold less dust which can lead to mites and create breathing problems- especially in the case of asthmatics. For similar reasons, pets should be kept out of bedrooms. Make sure your home is clutter free and has lots of obvious places to chill out and re-energize. Cover these areas in blankets throws, bean bags and cushions- the purpose of the area should be utterly unmistakable. Paint can now be bought with less toxins and more natural ingredients. Not only is this good for your well being it is also kinder to the environment.

Health however is not only a physical thing; you also need to look after your mental health. Using lighter shades around the house will keep your spirits lifted, and adding colour and texture in the form of soft furnishings and paintings will really increase mental stimulation. An open plan with lots of window space will allow lots of natural light into the house which is vital for mental well being. Dress your windows with horizontal blinds which allow you to maintain an element of privacy whilst still allowing sunlight to enter.

Choosing blinds over curtains also increases the “wipeability” of your home- important for keeping it dust free. A home which provides us with a setting for socialising will do wonders for our well being. Human contact is proven to be a great mood buster so invest in a large dining room table and make lots of use of it. Also arrange your sitting room around socializing NOT THE T.V.! Lastly, include lots of plants around the home. Plants take the CO2 we breathe out and replace it with oxygen…which is fairly important I think you’ll agree.

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