Holly Burgess

Holly Burgess Favourite Music Album: I have a very varied taste in music from alternative metal to pop to musicals to Disney songs but I would have to say my favourite album Americana by Offspring, mainly because it was one of the first albums that I absolutely loved when growing up and I always remember good times when I hear a song from it. Favourite Book: There are so many books which I have read and re-read which I love including all of the Harry Potter books but at the moment I have to say A Song of Fire and Ice (aka Game of Thrones books) they are so complex and include a wealth of interesting characters which you can’t help getting involved with. Favourite Colour:  I find it hard to add colour to my home, even though I work with so many beautiful fabrics every day and see so many stunning designs I find it difficult to commit to colour. Most of my house is silver, greys and monochromes with a small hint of colour in the way of an ornament or cushion. At the moment I really love black, grey and gold. Favourite Season:  Spring, everything is waking up after winter and hopefully the cold months are behind us. From Whom and/or Where do you get your inspiration from: I did art and illustration at university so I used to find influence in the most unlikely sources, from books to films to comics. One of my favourite artists / illustrators would include Julie Verhoevan who is a fashion illustrator and Hayao Miyazaki who is a Japanese film animator and manga artist. Favourite Design Era/Style: as far as fashion goes I love the 1940’s and 1950’s everyone made an effort and made the best out of what they had, as interiors go I love modern clean cut spaces which still have a feminine influence. Personal design ‘No-No’:  My personal style ‘No: would have to be a small number of tiny pictures on a large wall. I don’t know why it just gets me. Personal Design ‘Thumbs Up’: Having a theme and carrying it through your home, that being said being true to yourself and knowing what you like is important especially in your own home as long as you like it that’s all that matters. If money was no object my bedroom would look like... : It would have to have a huge walk in wardrobe with lots of storage and room for shoes. If money was no object my Kitchen would look like... : As I said before I cant cook much but I would like a large kitchen with plenty of room for  socialising, why is it whenever you have a party everyone always gathers in the kitchen? Lots of counter space to put pretty appliances and an island in the centre just because they look swanky. If money was no object my Living Room would look like... : Clean cut and high tech but still plush enough to be comfy and cosy. If money was no object my home would be... :  A large modern home with multiple floors in the countryside but not too far away  from civilisation, with a lovely garden and room to have a selection of animals. Top Tip: Always be yourself and don’t be afraid to include things that you love even if it might not be in vogue.

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