Men have their caves and women have sheds! Seems fair that each person should have their own place to chill and get away from it all. With space inside the home lacking for many, woman's intuition has taken over and you'll find that she-sheds can be glorious places to be!   image


We're not talking about a pokey little shed here! This contemporary design is like having your own little piece of heaven! she-sheds-12

Lighter Side of Real Estate

Complete with carpet entrance-way and soft lighting, this shed is a superb chill-out zone. Nancy-summerhouse-2

Garden Affairs

This delightful she-shed reminds me of an up-scale beach hut! It's ideal for lazy summer days and evenings! ef7227296fffae54282f7baf8bbc695f

Lavender World

With country cottage appeal this she-shed is far more than a potting shed; it's a place of relaxation and calm. but-now-i-feel-irresistibly-drawn-to-one-of-these-516x516

Garden Ideas Picture

A variation in pastel blue is so charming and looks so inviting! she-sheds-10

Lighter Side of Real Estate

Fir for purpose in lavender, this she-shed offers plenty of space inside. imgID4975300

Shropshire Star

With a nod towards old world charm, this Shabby Chic she-shed has the feel good factor. virginia-woolf-she_2460066k


She's-Sheds aren't a new concept – Virginia Woolf had one! RMS-Casa-Babbette_garden-shed_s4x3.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.960


This delightful she-shed looks as if it's stepped off the front of a chocolate box!