With hard surface flooring like wood, concrete and tiles now competing on an equal footing with carpet for the affections of the modern British homeowner, rugs are becoming something of must have item. Whilst we already know that adding a rug can really help to add some comfort underfoot, that is not where the benefits end. Rugs actually greatly outweigh carpets when it comes to functionality.

Whilst the carpet is every bit the equal to the rug in terms of comfort, it falls way short as a design tool. As a rug doesn’t generally stretch to the perimeter of the room, it can be used to define an area within a space. For example in an open plan living area, a rug can be used to define the lounge area or study port. And as rugs can be purchased in virtually any size, you are completely free to determine the size and shape of each individual area.

Unlike carpets, rugs can be bought in every pattern available. Therefore they make fantastic focal features with which you can afford to be as bold as you like. A brightly coloured rug laid centrally in a sitting area will really help to give the area focus and provide a natural gravitational point for the surrounding furniture. Alternatively, choosing a light and neutral central rug will give the illusion of more space when it is laid over a dark wooden floor. Rugs can also be picked to match the fabric of your ready made curtains, settee or even your table lamp shades.

A rug allows you to have your cake and eat it. You can look chic and with it to all your friends as your polished concrete or antique oak flooring is still visible whilst getting all of the carpet-like benefits of a big thick rug.

So what rug should you choose?

For those looking for immediate impact, hide rugs are currently as popular as they’ve ever been and new dying techniques mean you are no longer restricted to natural shades- think of how much fun it would be to reply to inquisitive guests “I know, I had no idea cows came in indigo blue either! It sure is a crazy world!”

For a more subdued approach that retains a touch of pizzazz, opt for a tasselled suede or woollen rug. 

The great thing about rugs is they can be found to match any budget. If you are looking for more of a cheap and cheerful quick fix, rag rugs and cotton rugs are affective and affordable. They also come in many different patterns and colour-ways so you won’t be stuck for options- if anything it will be hard to decide on just one! At the prices they sold at why should you, rag rugs look fantastic when layered in a (strategically) haphazard fashion and will lend your décor a well travelled air with their eastern feel.

A rug is a fantastic starting point for any new interior scheme, pick one up today and allow yourself to be inspired.