Winter time and those who are lucky enough to have their own log cabin can take a retreat style holiday to get away from the hustle and bustle of Christmas for a little R&R. Maybe you're staying at your log cabin over the holidays and want to add some Christmas cheer to the décor? Log cabins may not be 'big' in the UK, but their décor is certainly worth considering if you want a more homey style of Christmas.  

How Stuff Works

Using natural materials log cabins have come a long way since their humble beginnings. Today they have all the mod cons and creature comforts we've become accustomed too.  

Eye For Design

Wood burning stoves and open fires are a must in any log cabin.  


The latest log cabin have an up-beat contemporary style that's a long way from the somewhat ramshackle cabin of yesteryear.  

Trendy Interior

You don't have to have traditional décor of stag heads and hunting rifles – down to earth colour tones work just as well.  

Raqiqa Home

If your cabin doesn't have central heating make sure you have plenty of warm bedding – it can get pretty cold at night during the winter.  

She Knows

A long, hot soak in the bath is ideal after a day in the forest.  

Well QQW

Today's cabins have fully fitted bathrooms, although some cabins do have composting or chemical toilets – there's no more popping behind a bush when nature calls!  

Log Home Floor Plans Online

Once a refuge for hunters and the homes of early settlers log cabins have become grandiose, luxury holiday homes for some.  

Canadian Log Homes

The rustic charm of a log cabin will entice you to spend a more traditional Christmas with family and friends.