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Have a very smelly christmas!

Excite your nose during the festive season and fill your home with aromas that evoke the spirit of the season. There's plenty of ways to have a smelly Christmas and most of the scents are natural, which is good for your environment.


A real tree will fill your home with a scent of pine. This delightful aroma evokes the senses of the season in a beautiful natural way. Small christmas tree

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Mulled Wine

Nothing gives the sense of smell or tickles your taste buds as much as mulled wine. Typically made with hints of cinnamon, all spice and star anise, the scents will waft through your home, making it feel warm and welcoming.

Christmas Pudding

The delicious smell of Christmas pudding gives a wonderful sense of Christmas. If you make your own, you'll get the smell well before the Big Day. xmas-pudding

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Cinnamon, ginger, all spice, star anise and cloves can be brought together in Christmas pot pourri or scented candles to give your home a festive aroma in every room. christmas_spices

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Christmas Dinner

Whether you have turkey or an alternative the smell of a scrumptious dinner cooking and then sharing it with family and friends is the highlight of most Christmas festivities. 11_ChristmasDinner

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Roasting Chestnuts

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire! Visit a Christmas market and there's bound to be a chestnut seller. The delicious smell will remind you of Christmases past when everyone had an open fire in their front room and roasted their own chestnuts. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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Sweet, sticky and very moreish, gingerbread has a long association with the festive season. 23886_l


Cold Wintry Air

Crisp, fresh air, especially when it's frosty or snowing reminds us that winter is upon us, and with winter comes Christmas! winter-wonderland-pictures-15

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Once the staple part of a child's Christmas stoking oranges still evoke the sense of Christmas. In the past oranges were only available at Christmas. To fill your room with their natural fragrance stud them with cloves, not only will they make a fabulous table display they'll smell superb too. clove-studded-oranges

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Frankincense & Myrrh

Piney and lemony, Frankincense has been used in combination with myrrh, which some say has a smell like black liquorice, for centuries. It has religious connotations for many and is often used in religious ceremonies and well as being mentioned in the Bible as two of the three gifts offered by The Wise Men. 495607869_XS

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