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Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

The boom domestic interior design which has taken place over the last ten years has seen the major media and electrical companies recognize the home as sector in the market that is really worth investing in. People have spent so much on there homes that they no longer want to have to go the cinema for the latest picture technology, nor do they want to go to a packed out night club to hear their favourite music played by the newest audio equipment, and rightly so.

Home technology today is big business and if you are prepared to invest a little can really make your home a much more convenient and, perhaps more importantly, a much more exciting place to be.

Home cinema is probably the most common technological advancement in our homes today. Comprising of a flat screen television which come in sizes that go all the way up to a massive 50 inches and a speaker system which provides exhilarating surround sound, they really do provide cinematic quality viewing. So good are they that many people are designating whole rooms to the sole purpose of movie watching. If this is something you yourself are thinking of, an even more exciting development you might want consider is a projector.

Those who are getting visions of science lessons in your school days, projectors have vastly improved in quality and capability since then. Now able to be connected to a digital set top box they can display regular television. The better ones can be hooked up to the latest high definition DVD players for picture perfect movie enjoyment. The benefit of a projector is that they are available in much bigger sizes than are currently possible with a television and, when not in use they can they rolled out of sight.

Improved technology can also improve the quality of our nights sleep. A Tempora mattress is made from technology designed by the NASA space programme. Built from memory foam, they mould perfectly to the shape of your body resulting in a deeper state of relaxation. Memory foam mattresses are also particularly effective for those with back problems as they keep the head correctly aligned with the body for better sleeping posture. There can be no better end to a day than collapsing onto a king size, four poster bed complete with memory foam mattress covered in Egyptian cotton sheets, a freshly plumped up duvet, all topped off with a luxuriously heavy throw.

Sticking with comfort, but travelling forward a few hours, waking up to the gloriously easy feeling of under-floor heating is something that has to be experienced in order to be truly appreciated. The latest and last word on home heating, under-floor heating is actually much more efficient that regular heating and will free up your walls from the unsightly pipes and radiators that have done our homes a disservice for far too long.

I’ll leave you with a piece of home technology that is still in its novelty stages but is something I feel will have a massive impact on our homes in years to come. Digital picture frames currently offer the opportunity to display snaps of your loved ones taken on your mobile phone or digital camera. They connect to your P.C. where you simply choose from your picture library which shot you would like to upload.


The signs are that these small items will eventually grow to the point where they act almost like windows to any view in the world. Soon live scenes from anywhere you like will be able to be beamed straight to your “second window” meaning you will soon be drinking your morning coffee looking over Paris an the Eiffel Tower- better invest in some café style curtains!

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