Traditionally the hub of the home, your kitchen is a meeting place for families, friends and good conversation. But land at a premium the average British home is much smaller than it used to be, often meaning there is no space in the kitchen for a table. In a bid to keep up the very British tradition of a congregational kitchen space, designers have had to look towards the USA for inspiration. And what did they find? The small but mighty breakfast bar!!

A breakfast bar is a great alternative to a dining table if your kitchen doesn’t have the space. It is basically no more than an extension of your existing counter space with a few stools set around it, providing a convenient place to gather, eat and chat. Being much narrower than a conventional table it is a real space saver, and when not being used, its height means stools can be stored underneath and out of harms way, and the counter space can be used as an area to prepare food without giving you a back ache as a table might.

 A breakfast bar can be used in literally any kitchen layout, whether it be a traditional U or L shaped kitchen, one with a central island, or even as an extension of a narrow galley type kitchen- something that would be impossible with a table. They can be positioned to face into the kitchen thereby allowing by people to converse with the chef, they can be positioned against the wall to free-up floor space, they can even be used to cut a kitchen in half so that one area is designated for sitting down to a meal and the other for preparing it- a great option for those with children or large families as it helps stop kitchen traffic, thereby making it a much safer place to be.

 In a time where open plan living is becoming fairly standard, it can be difficult to properly define each area. Building a wall would only create negative, unusable space and would stifle the flow of natural light around your home- a breakfast bar is a fantastic way to separate the living space from the kitchen/dining area

You'll want to choose a breakfast bar style that fits with the style and flow of the other rooms in your home. In a contemporary setting, consider a bar with clean, slim lines and strong silhouettes. Comfortable and contemporary styles could include chrome bar stools with comfortable, cushioned seats in soft fabrics, covered in bold coloured fabrics and pleasant prints.

 In a traditional or period English home, choose a mix of English, French or casual decorating ideas, including pieces made of iron or more heavily carved wood. For a classic country look, consider bar stools made from wood that well matches that of details around your home such as the bay window pole, your picture frames, display cabinets, sideboards, doors or shelving, then have the seats covered in soft floral wholesale fabric.

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