Handy home inspiration sites

You will find below a list of the top five online home design inspiration sites. They are listed in no particular order and each has its own merits. Next time you are stuck for ideas for your new DIY masterpiece why not give these sites a little look?

1. BBC Homes. Now you understand where your license money is going! This site is packed with friendly advice from well known T.V. personalities such as Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen Anna Ryder Richardson (Why do all celebrity designers have double barrel names? Maybe that’s where I’m going wrong?) and is conveniently split into room categories, making it a very easy website to negotiate. The familiar name means it is site that you can really trust. Avoiding technical jargon and professional speak the BBC has created an environment that immediately puts you at ease and makes you feel like you can tackle anything your home may throw at you.

2. Channel4 Homes. Channel four have a real pedigree in cutting edge home design shows such as Grand Designs and Property Ladder and they have put this experience to really good use in their website, drawing on the expertise names like Kevin McCloud (presenter of Grand Designs) and Naomi Clever (a regular on CH4 design shows). The great thing about this site is its depth and variety. You do anything from asking questions about your own build to taking a tour of the big brother house. It really makes decorating simple with lots of “How to” sections, which break down jobs into digestible portions.

3. www.designinspirationltd.co.uk. Rose and Wendy offer a completely personal experience that takes the mysticism out of interior design. They offer really friendly advice and help you make decisions on simple things like flooring and furnishings. They show examples of previous projects that they have worked on and have a frequently updated newsletter that deals with a broad range commonly faced problems when decorating.

4. www.housetohome.co.uk. An easy to use site that deals with everything from built in furniture to curtain poles. Definitely one for the men, the site is much more concerned with helping you find the right decorating tools, also offering guidance for seeing a project through. The site puts its money where its mouth is by offering an “editor’s choice” on most home buys. A “Find & Buy” section makes tracking down DIY supplies, furniture and room specific items a breeze. Overall, this site really takes the stress out of DIY by leading the way at every-stage from choosing, to purchasing, to building the site is right there.

5. www.stylelounge.co.uk. A real magazine site this one. It basically offers a complete lifestyle in the way it deals with absolutely everything home related- from DIY to cake decorating! Sections on latest trends, things to buy, energy saving amongst others, combine to help you create the complete modern home. A news sections keeps you completely up to date with the world of design whilst a handy shopping directory helps you locate featured products, it even has an events listings page informing you of when various design shows are being held around the country where you can pick up anything from chic wall art to wholesale fabrics.

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