Green With Envy 5: Dining Rooms

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Not only should you be making sure that you are eating plenty of greens, but you should be digesting some of our green dining room ideas and inspiration too! Now we know that the warm colours of red, orange and yellow are supposed to increase our appetite, but with so many green tones being inspired by fruits and vegetables - we think that this 'organic' colour is perfect for dining rooms; olive, lime, apple, sage and mint - whatever green hue you pick has high style potential in the dining area.

Our first green dining room is modern and glamorous with a spearmint green and touches of apple green. The spearmint green and a cream are our dominating colours with touches of apple green and gold coming in as accents. Choose a natural wood flooring; we prefer the formal air of a darker wood that will be replicated in dining table and chairs. If you want added interest through the use of pattern, then consider it for a botanical print wallpaper - one with a sheen will be more glamorous.

Paint the ceiling and all woodwork in cream. The dining table takes centre stage with its smooth, polished dark wood and a set of modern dining chairs with spearmint green upholstery; elsewhere, mirrored furniture is used such as an opulent side cabinet. Tailor this room with smart textiles - a large cream area rug and gold pencil pleat curtains are a beautiful addition. The opulence and formality of this design calls for a glass chandelier above the table and an oversized mirror on the wall which meets one end of the table, making the room expand.

Finishing touches include our apple green as an accent - a glass fruit bowel full of the fruit being an obvious choice! Here is another formal dining room, albeit one with a touch of whimsy through shocking orange dining chairs! It wouldn't be of note in our 'Green With Envy' series though without that essential green hue showing up - here it is used on all four walls in a splendid jade. A chocolate brown is also used for woodwork and textiles.

Like with our first design, we recommend a dark polished floor and dining set for a more formal atmosphere and yet the bright orange for upholstered dining chairs makes this room individual and a true head-turner. A beige rug with a discreet pattern embraces the floor and stretches out far and wide to roughly a foot or two from where the floor meets the walls. The window treatments have to be something special to live up to the rest of the design - why not try a luxurious fabric such as taffeta in a sensual chocolate brown and let them pool to the ground.

With so many statement pieces and bold colour, you might want to accessorise lightly with a chandelier above the table, cheap table lamps for a side cabinet and a glass pitcher full of fresh blooms.

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