Green With Envy 4: Bedrooms

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Another week where we honour colour in decorating; colour is one of the most important elements of home design and there is a lot to discover on the range of colours, their uses in terms of setting the right atmosphere and the different schemes that pair more than one hue together. Green is often used in bedrooms, especially the softer and lighter tones which help to create a soothing atmosphere for tired bodies and minds.

When used within a tonal colour scheme, green doubles up in the tranquillity factor whilst adding interest and subtly highlighting different areas within the room. In our first bedroom design, we show you how a tonal scheme can work in creating a serene and stylish space when paired with crisp white and warm neutrals.

Green is the only 'colour' used in this first idea but with several tones - opt for two main and then one or two more for accents. We quite like a light shade of sage green or any soft green that is inspired by our natural world. Later, a touch of emerald green will give this room the 'wow-factor' and a taupe or other mid grey-brown will offer both warmth and an air of sophistication.

Light wood flooring is a good start before moving on to paint three walls white and the fourth (behind the bed preferably) in the darker tone of green out of the two main colours you chose. For your bed, something along the lines of a Japanese platform bed that is low and snug to the floor - awesome would be an upholstered surround and headboard in a warm grey-brown to match floor length ready made curtains; you might even opt for a custom job?

Now for that second green that will be a few shades lighter to your wall - this is brought in with simple roller blinds (notice how we combined curtains and blinds for a beautiful window treatment?) We do need a good balance of white in the room to keep things looking fresh - choose white bedding sets and add an emerald green bed runner.

Accessories should be natural materials and 'less is more'; we like the simplicity of a contemporary vase with coloured glass and bamboo plants. Green can be very exotic too as we show you in our next bedroom design - one that made me think of an imaginary trip to Bali or somewhere like that! The green used here is more lustrous and this is given a helping hand with satin bedding.

Black, white and a darker olive green are also apparent in making this room an exotic one. If you wanted to make the room more opulent you could use touches of gold in floor rugs or decorative cushions - just don't go over-the-top. Start by painting walls white but if you have a little nook in the room (possibly for reading or simply forgetting the day) then you might be daring with a black or olive green paint for walls.

Choose black wooden furniture or paint existing pieces - anything that is a little 'Bali-esque' (a word I just made up) would be a nice touch. Inspired by the exotic and faraway holidays, luxury will be your own with super king size bedding in green. Keep your eyes open for a floor rug in a darker green such as olive and all the better when you can find an exotic print - palm leaves or bamboo are fine examples. Finishing touches? An exotic plant and a wooden tray with decorative tea set.

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