Green With Envy 3: Living Rooms

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Today we are taking our celebrated green into living rooms where it can be enjoyed by you, your family and guests. Depending on the mood and atmosphere you want to create in your living room, the green you choose will likely be soft and muted for relaxation or a more brilliant tone for adding a little energy.

Take a look at some of the inspiration we have for you below and see if you will be going green with envy! In our first living room idea, green is used boldly with contemporary furniture and ultimately becomes the highlight of the space it adopts. When we say avocado green it might make some of you shudder in memory of the outlandish seventies, if it helps though the room is decorated in a contemporary style and in actual fact you can go for any green inspired by nature - lighter tones being a preference.

A second bold colour is used for painting the walls; we recommended a warm tone of purple and elsewhere neutrals are used to settle the space - a light neutral would be optimal for flooring. A modern living room suite in your chosen green takes centre stage; you could always try out slip-covers on existing furniture or for the less brave - a neutral sofa with green cushions and throws.

Give the room a touch of luxury with a wool pile area rug and eyelet curtains ready made. You couldn't go wrong with some greenery and some wall art to break up the intensity of purple. Our next lounge idea takes green and uses it with harmonising colours - touches of yellow and blue that sit either side of green on the colour wheel. The intention is to play more with pattern and texture in this room so you will want to go for a palette that is light, muted and soothing - along with your chosen green, try an icy blue and light airy lemon in accents.

Don't be afraid though to add a pop of brighter lime green or yellow in an accessory. Start with a dark flooring which will ground the design and paint walls in a light neutral such as cream. This living room design takes on vintage modern with mid-century modern furniture pieces; choose separate pieces and link them through the colour green, taking one piece to upholster in a vintage patterned fabric.

Coffee tables and side tables should you be using them, are best in white so as not to reign the space. You can create a zone and help to unify the space through the use of a large area rug picking up on the same green used in furniture and a neutral or icy blue background.

Elsewhere, a selection of cushions for the sofa bring in more pattern and texture - although green shows up in all of them to prevent chaos! Look for modern lighting fixtures and take the opportunity to add a bright with a lime green lampshade or for more of a statement - lime green curtains.

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