Green With Envy 2: Bathrooms

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

This week it is all about the colour green which was a major colour trend last year and is set to hold its own this year. We especially love green for representing the 'green living' and natural materials trend in which it can always be used as the perfect colour pairing. Today we are giving out inspiration and advice for using green in the bathroom, where it can help to create a relaxed and soothing environment. In our first bathroom, green is used solely on the walls in a soft jade hue and helps to perk up smaller bathrooms in particular.

A lot of white is used too, which helps to lighten up the room and support the freshness of the green; other hues come in as accents to add depth and warmth – we recommend a touch of black and terracotta. Start with painting your walls, leaving woodwork white and use white flooring – large polished tiles are good. Use a contemporary white bathroom suite that isn't too bulky – think about floating wall cabinets that will give the impression of more floor space and choose smooth edges over sharp.

Our touch of black comes in at the window with a black nature motif on white background – ready made blinds will work better in a small space. Don't over accessorise, we like the idea of an open shelf with a row of small terracotta pots and miniature evergreens and a round or oval frame-less mirror above the sink; the shape coinciding with the smooth lines of other furnishings.

Our second bathroom screams contemporary with its use of lime green and botanical prints; fresh and funky is the order of the day! We recommend a light grey tile for floors and walls – the larger the tile the better. Choose a suite that is very contemporary and with a clean shape; think no-frills. This time, the zesty green hue comes in with cabinetry and we especially like floating units that are seamless and with a gloss finish (no obtrusive hardware showing).

With textiles and window treatments you can go one of two ways – either embrace natural materials with a wooden bathroom mat and wooden Venetian blinds or bring in some botanical prints with a bathroom rug and roller blinds. Think minimalism when finishing this bathroom – a decorative mirror and perhaps an open shelf with a darker shade of green for towels will be more than enough to set the right green serene scene!

An olive green can be brought into an all white bathroom to add some eco-sophistication; use it for a focal wall or in accessories such as a collection of coloured glassware, a waste bin or for a trendy armchair.

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