Green With Envy 1: Kitchens

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

We are crazy for colour at the moment after hearing about the new colour trends for 2011; you can take a look at the posts on 2011 Colour Trends if you missed out the other week. Although yellow was crowned the colour of the year, we also have an inkling that green will have its prominence too - all tied in with 'going green' of course.

As one of the leading decorating trends of last year and with a faithful continuance into this one, green living and natural materials will inspire us and have us all going green with envy! This fascinating colour which symbolises nature, has a wide range of tones to choose from - emerald, sage, jade, olive and lime to name a few! It is not only a personal favourite of mine, but a humble hue that most can relate too; ultimately it is a winner for home owners looking to be soothed and regenerated by their interiors.

Green doesn't have to be the dominating colour in kitchens and we like to see it with a lot of white and touches of citrus yellow for a fresh and modern vibe. The perfect green if you hadn't already guessed would be lime in this first idea. With acidic brights such as lime and lemon, it is important to get plenty of natural light in the room which is why white gloss cabinetry and reflective materials such as stainless steel and glass are favoured over dark colours and matte materials. Lime green in interiors is quite modern and therefore a modern style will best indicate this quality - look for streamlined units and think about incorporating an island unit to be right on trend.

Try adding your green in with kitchen blinds, a back-splash and some funky plastic or acrylic bar stools. Some leafy green plants and bowels of citrus fruits can be effective accents on a budget. Vibrant greens amongst other bright hues have been seen used for cabinetry and again it is a very modern and contemporary look for kitchens. When this sounds exciting to you, do choose modern shapes for cabinetry - seamless and with stainless steel hardware for a sleek look. In larger kitchens or open plan layouts, you can afford to use some black to contrast with white walls and ceiling; we recommend a black marble or granite for worktops and you could even go for a highly polished black tile on the floor.

It should be added that this is quite a daring look and it will work better for you if you play on minimalist values - de-clutter surfaces and let your cabinetry do the talking. You can add green in as an accent colour to any style of kitchen; browse curtain fabrics online to create your own window blinds or go with ready made curtains for minimal effort! Look for fabrics that incorporate more than one shade of green with a gorgeous print or combine it with neutrals for a sophisticated vibe.

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