Grab Some Vanity Flair with Gorgeous Bathroom Vanities

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

Often a room left untouched because of its predominantly practical requirements, bathrooms and bathroom furniture can if fact be a far cry from the bland white cabinets and hospital style tiles we often consider as our safety net. Chosen carefully, clean and bright can also be bright and beautiful especially when it comes to choosing your bathroom vanity or under-sink storage cupboards. These cleverly designed items of furniture not only disguise the unpleasant sink column and provide essential storage but also can help contribute to your design scheme.

For modern and minimalist properties a bathroom vanity can help simplify the shape of the sink and repeat the use of texture and colour from around the room. Why not consider a stylish black unit with incorporated cupboard space to hide away your lotions, potions and towels. Above it, suspend two matching mirrors symmetrically placed above the vanity to create a real design feature.

Or if your sink column is already within a wall cavity, why not consider a wall hung boxed shape vanity with concealed storage to add a horizontal and multifunctional design feature in contemporary plain ceramic, wood, glass or plastic. Add to this a matching shelf or mirror unit to complete the sink area. This option is particularly effective in smaller bathrooms as they provide the storage and surface area required without reducing the floor space available. Whatever your choice make sure that the material used echoes that used for the floor, towel rail, mirror or bathroom accessories to create a sense of cohesiveness within the design.

For more traditional properties why not opt for an elegant oak vanity incorporating two authentic looking sink units. Team this with a beautiful gold framed mirror and a role top bath for a simplistically elegant and understated finish. Or, for smaller properties, choose a more modest alternative in a pine or white colour to maximise the feeling of space and light in the room.

To add some opulence why not choose a large mirror to reflect light back in to the space or search for some reclaimed tiles in a coordinating design for the splash back area. Similarly, consider the age of your property and the style of furniture popular at that time. For a more Georgian feel opt for French inspired design with delicate legs and intricate carving. If you have a Victorian property consider slightly chunkier styles in dark woods.

As touched upon, whatever your style and individual taste, it is important to ensure that the vanity unit sits well and enhances the design scheme in general. Consider adding accessories which repeat and reinforce the design theme. For example, in contemporary homes this could include a rustic bowl of pebbles, a contemporary style statue, chrome taps, minimalist Roman blind, wall art or lamps. In more traditional settings you may want to add an antique style soap dispenser, coordinating towels, elegant rug, brass taps and fittings or even a luxurious chaise long in a coordinating fabric to your curtains, carpet, towel or rug.

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