Gorgeous Garden Furniture

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

Whether you have a small but beautifully formed balcony or large and luxurious courtyard your external garden area is as much an important part of your home as a dining room or lounge. At the centre point of your house during the warm summer months; this area acts as a seating spot, dining room and play area where your entire family can enjoy the good weather.

Consequently why not take the time to make this area a striking and high design vicinity to continue the schemes and styles already present within the interior parts of your home.

The most obvious, most effective and most simple way to add some design to your garden is to purchase some garden furniture to complement your style and character. For more traditional homes why not opt for the classic wrought iron table and chairs, and for an individual look, paint in a chosen colour to match your interior.

Not only will this be sure to reflect your personality it will also ensure that the garden area looks and feels part of the home from both outside and in. If you would like a softer alternative to the traditional metal style consider a grand wooden table with matching parasol for the ultimate in sociable garden furniture.

The round or hexagonal styles, often with Lazy Susan’s installed, encourage your visitors to socialise and food can easily be passed between guests. The wooden material is not only natural and incorporates well within your outdoor surroundings it can also echo any wooden furniture from within your home.

Furthermore, you could consider staining the wood a chosen colour. With this option, be sure to also think about the material and style of your parasol. A bright and bold fabric (cubik would would well)will be ideal for a young family in a modern home whereas a timeless striped parasol would look fantastic in a traditional or beach side property.

If living in a contemporary house or flat you may want to consider more individual materials for your garden furniture. Why not use a reclaimed railway sleeper, retro plastic, steel or bamboo. These more novel and unique materials will create a real design feature out of the dining set and can look great teamed with just a few potted plants.

If your outside area is more substantial than a balcony or back yard area why not also think about complementing your table area with other coordinating garden furniture. For example, why not look in to adding a chair swing, sunbathing area or hammock in another area of your garden.

Generally speaking, these additions should be set aside for a particular purpose such as relaxation. Consequently, make sure the items are placed in shaded or exposed areas with plenty of plant life and even a surrounding water feature. These extra details will add to the benefits of your outdoor living accessories and make them become one with nature!

Finally, whatever size and style furniture you decide to bring in to your garden, to maintain that sense of design cohesiveness, you also need to consider the finer details such as cushion covers and table accessories. Why not use complementary fabric to your interior for cushion covers or table cloths.

Furthermore, shop around to buy candles, lanterns and fairy lights in a similar style to the rest of your home. Finally, look to the plant life within your garden – do the spiky palms or fussy heathers reflect the desired atmosphere or style for your home? If not, you may want to consider replacing these for more complementary species.

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