Gold- A Winning Colour for Interiors

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

Gold is very much the colour of the moment. Look in any glossy fashion or design magazine and you are sure to see the colour of victory lighting up most pages. With dark nights and chilly mornings now making their presence felt, this festive winter warmer came just in the nick of time.

Spread as much gold around your home as you can and feel the effect of this winter blues banishing room brightener. Use it to best effect by pairing it with bright yellow, though similar in shade the matt of the yellow creates a subtle and tasteful contrast whilst maximising the sunny disposition.

By far the most visually impacting way of including gold in any room is with metallic wallpaper. Metallic wallpapers are hugely popular at moment, especially in gold to copper tones. They can be purchased in full metallic or where the sheen is only visible in certain areas of the pattern, with popular designs currently being floral and striped varieties. If you are concerned that such an elaborate and overt feature will swamp your rooms, create a feature wall by covering one wall only, painting the surrounding walls in a similar hue with a matt finish.

You can add to your feature wall by fitting some floating shelves- in black for added drama- then using them to add more gold in the shape ornaments and vases. Alternatively you could spray some dried twigs and branches with some gold spray paint then place them in an old vase- really effective and a huge money saver.

Spreading the theme a little further around your rooms will make for a balanced finish. You can do this will gold leaf picture frames, a yellow roller blind in simple schemes or velvet curtains in a more elaborate room, brass table lamps. A biscuit or beige carpet will sit nicely under such a scheme, allowing a gentle golden hue to take over the room. However if you would like really create some glamour, you should instead go for a sharp contrast in an equally eye catching colour. A deep purple, maroon or even jet black carpet with similarly coloured details dotted around will create real boudoir cool.

When you are happy with the backdrop and flooring, it is time to fill your golden palace. White lacquered furniture is perfect for a more contemporary look. Not only is white a blank canvas and therefore easily able to fit into such an elaborate scheme, the glossiness of the lacquer acts like a mirror and reflects the golden tones back out- making the furniture itself take on a golden glow.

Alternatively, ornate wooden furniture in a mid to dark stain will create more of a classic 1930’s Hollywood feel- a period steeped heavily in glamour. If you wish to travel further down this route you could use sepia photographs of screens icons from the period. Not only will the aged look of sepia photographs add an element of history to your scheme, the golden tinge will fit perfectly with the existing décor.

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