Going orange this autumn : tips for making your home cosy

Temperatures dropping, crisp mornings with touches of frost and chilly north winds all signify that autumn is upon us. While many people enjoy the cooler months for most it means turning on the heating and preparing to face the winter months ahead. However, take a look at your décor and go orange this autumn and you'll find that this naturally warm colour will provide you with a cosy look that can be used right trough to next spring.

Orange is a combination of red and yellow, it's associated with sunshine, hence its ability to make you feel warmer. It's also the colour of happiness, making it the perfect colour choice if you get the 'winter blues'. When used on its own orange can be somewhat intimidating to the eye, but used it as an accent via accessories and soft furnishings and it will compliment a wide range of other colours, so there's no need for a complete redecoration, just swap your soft furnishings to those with orange hues to create a cosy warm look in your home.

Throws & Cushions:

Throws and cushions are undoubtedly the easy way to use orange. Both will provide you with cosy comfort as you settle down in the evening to watch television or read your favourite book. If you have a plain coloured sofa and chairs try adding cushions and throws with a pattern to contrast. Likewise choose throws and cushions made from warm fabrics such as wool blends, or rich cotton blends. Cushions are also a fabulous way to bring texture to a room, use chenille, velvet or cushions with embroidered details, these will add to the cosiness in an instant.

Orange cushions and a foot stool in a living room Orange throw on a cream arm chair Orange cushion covered in gold circles


Many modern homes no longer have fitted carpets, as such flooring can look and feel cold during the autumn. This problem is easily overcome via the use of rugs. Choose a style with a thick pile that you can wriggle bare toes in to give a boost of cosy comfort to your feet.
Red polka dot throw on a grey sofa, with cushions Dark orange rug on a hard wood floor Orange and cream floral rug on a wooden floor


As sunlight naturally warms a room you can trick your eye into thinking that the sun is still providing warmth by using orange lighting. Give your central pendant light an orange shade and it will bring a feeling of warmth to the room. Alternatively use table lights in orange to cast warm light into the room without it being too glaring on the eyes.
Cream sofas in a very warm and cosy living room Orange table lamp Orange ceiling lamp shade

Window Dressings

As autumn arrives close out the coldness of the night with a change of window dressing. Orange blinds will shut out the cold figuratively and relatively. Opt for thermal linings and you really will help prevent warm air from escaping the room. Use both blinds and heavy curtains and you'll add an extra layer of cosy insulation along with a sense of warmth.
Dark brown armchair with orange cushion Dark orange pencil pleat curtains Intricate floral cream curtains at a window, that also has a red roman blind in it


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