Going green – part 2 – in the bathroom

The bathroom you can use many different ways to 'go green' apart for the décor and colour scheme you choose! Let's begin with colour schemes. Bright green teamed with white bathroom suites provides a vibrant, fresh look to the room which is ideal for invigorating the body and mind as you shower.

Window dressings can be white or green Venetian blinds if you want to continue with a sleek and stylish modern look. For a more cosy feel patterned roller blinds, Roman blinds or full length vertical blinds are also worth considering, but you should also pay attention to privacy when deciding which type of window dressing to use in your bathroom. Venetian and vertical blinds are ideal if you don't have frosted windows.

You'll also need to pay attention to the finish of the materials or fabrics due to the humidity which is generated with a bathroom. Look for Venetian blinds which have a special coating to help reduce warping and discolouration. Most of today's Venetian blinds have this type of coating, but it's worth checking before you buy. Keep the flooring light as well to tie the theme together. Many people are opting for tiled or wooden floors in bathroom which not only provide a classy look it has also been proven that these types of flooring are far more hygienic that fitted carpets and much easier to keep clean and your bathroom smelling sweet!

You can also 'go green' by making a conscious effort to reduce water consumption. Taking a shower rather than a bath and turning the tap off when brushing your teeth can help you save money of your water bills, if you're metered, and help do your bit towards water conservation. If your bathroom is large keep heating costs down by using a combination of thermal roller blinds and thermal lining on ready made curtains.

The trend to return to curtains as window dressings in bathrooms continues to gather momentum as the size of bathrooms have become bigger to accommodate free standing baths for either a contemporary look or the by gone era of Victorian claw feet baths to create rooms which ooze style and meet the demands of modern lifestyles.

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