Going green

Green is very much the colour of the moment. It seems the more central to our thoughts environmentally friendly or “green” design has become over the last few years, so too has the colour itself. Being a psychologist, my prettier half could probably tell you exactly why that is, something to do with neuron pathways I imagine, all I know is it is definitely a good thing as the colour green opens up so many exciting options!

Unlike any other colour, green can both calming and exciting depending on which shade you choose. Therefore it can be used just about anywhere around the house, equally at home as a bright accent in a child’s playroom as it is in a neutral shade in a study area- and it is said that geniuses choose green!

A great way to introduce green to a room that has been on a strict diet of white and cream for the last decade is with an eye catching central rug in a bright shade of lime. Not only will this make your white walls look whiter next to such a zingy statement but it puts the colour below eye level and therefore prevents it from becoming overpowering. A rug in a bright colour will give your room focus and help prevent the furniture form looking like it has been randomly strewn around the room.

When your palette begins to acclimatise to seeing colour again, you could tie in the rug with some further green details in the shape of picture frames, vases, cushions or table lamps. These kinds of details don’t have to be expensive when used as part of a colour scheme as it is the overall effect that is important, discount table lamps and throws are more than adequate.

The front door is also great place to use green. A deep shade will not only look stately and timeless but it will also

carry a warm and inviting feel and blend seamlessly with the greenery of the garden. And it is the very fact that green is so closely associated with nature and the outdoors that makes it such a fantastic colour to use around this time of year. With the sun beginning to show and the birds beginning to sing, you will want to reflect this wonderful atmosphere inside your home as much a possible.

You could be very direct about this and have a rainforest or woodland scene printed up into wallpaper by one of the many online paper specialists, though a bold idea for a feature wall, the scene itself will counteract this by having a really soothing effect- perfect for an office or bedroom looking for a little bit of modern edge.

With its ability to say so many different things, despite being more than capable of making a big statement, green is one of the most forgiving and foolproof colours you will ever use. When used on its own or against a white backdrop it really is difficult to make green look bad. With that in mind, there can be no excuse next time you reach for a tin of old faithful- your home speaks on your behalf and you have much more to say than magnolia.

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