Go continental - in the kitchen

Continental kitchens come straight out of Europe and reflect the European's perception of good design. Unfortunately - despite England being in Europe we are often not included in the continental style. It is the same as continental breakfasts - a selection of cheeses, hams, jams and various breads, teas, coffees and freshly squeezed juices are very European but a greasy fry-up doesn't quite make the continental grading!

So when we want to redesign our kitchens to ooze with that very chic and cool continental style - we have to take inspiration from across the waters. The French and Italian are right on top of this trend, but they are not the only ones. Really, a continental kitchen suits those that will be using it for more that just heating up ready-meals in the microwave.

These kitchens are so chic that they demand your company, your families company and even the company of your guests. They are a statement in their own right and definitely deserve to be shown off. There will be three key elements in getting the continental kitchen right:

  • Functionality
  • Easy Manoeuvrability
  • Beautiful Design

Not so much to take into account is it? The finished look will be anything but dated - think sleek, contemporary and with an eye for practicality for the 21st century family. You might want to set some budgets before you start to shop around as the pressure of meeting the aforementioned elements can make you sway for expensive fittings.

Besides, there are so many cheaper alternatives for good storage and decoration that you don't have to leave yourself empty-handed. The continental kitchen will strike you when you enter - glossy cabinets or clever use of bold colour schemes are right on trend and the Europeans are anything but shy with decorating. What makes this look all the more special is that no matter how 'different' the design is - it will always have a sophisticated edge. Here are some kitchen interior design ideas to help you get the desired look:

  • Go for integrated units that are streamlined. For an even more sleek finish, forget about handles and door knobs and choose seamless pulls.
  • Stainless steel is very modern but too much can be high maintenance in a well-used kitchen. Cut the work in half by using stainless steel work surfaces and white cabinets.
  • Island units turn your average kitchen into an instantly cool design. They can be used for food preparation, cooking, dining and serving drinks to guests.
  • Use voile curtains ready made to dress windows in a chic and continental way. Ceiling spotlights and track lighting can also be used to light up designated areas without harsh glare.
  • To maintain a tradition and quaint look opt for a kitchen curtain to create a homely feel. 

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