Go continental - in the bedroom

Our bedrooms are one of the most private and personal rooms throughout the house - making them a great candidate to start decorating in your preferred style. We hear a lot these days about modern and contemporary design but a good percentage of us are interested to work with period décor and continental/traditional styles. There are many options to decorating the bedroom in a continental style and your efforts will result in a very classic look. We have a few ideas to share with you and hopefully you can find some inspiration to begin with your bedroom makeover!
  • Dating back to the Victorian age, the Bohemian look for interiors was favoured by those with unconventional living ideals. Paris was at the forefront of this trend that would be popularised in the capital and later in London. After a millennium, we are seeing the re-emergence of Bohemian interiors again with paisley patterns for bedding and a laid-back yet elegant feel.
  • Have a look for a piece of antique furniture or a new piece that replicates a period style. It could be a dressing table or night-stand - just don't feel like you have to match all the furniture. You can always bring everything together with the use of colour.
  • If you want a statement piece for your bedroom - a traditional four poster bed should do the trick. Look for detailed carving and dress it up with lots of luxurious fabrics and cushions - embroidered fabrics look brilliant. For a more contemporary twist of this classic piece, go with a white painted finish - it will also make the room lighter and give you more options with adding colour later.
  • Metallics are back on trend so the continental style really comes to life - gold framed mirrors or even a gold finish on a wrought iron bedstead will bring a touch of luxury to the bedroom. To stop it looking dated, go with classic cream bedding and curtain sets. Powder blue is a very traditional colour and can be brought in with accents on lampshades or cushions for the bed. Opt for duck egg blue bedding to bring a modern twist which is bang on-trend.
  • If you have a bedroom with the advantage of lots of natural light you can play around with darker woods in beds and other furniture such as mahogany. Make sure that the furniture you choose has a continental shape and decorate with warm brown tones such as coffee on walls or in fabrics. A beautiful chandelier hung above the bed will complete the look.
  • One of the easiest and cost effective ways of making a bedroom more traditional is by choosing duvet cover sets with a delicate/subtle flower print. Some of the latest floral trends are too bold for this scheme so remember to go play it easy with colour too.

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